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Great products require great people.
Our team is the best in the business.
Bridget Ausman Legal
Lawrence Burns Customer Success Representative
Melissa Compton Customer Success Manager
Maria D'Janeiro Customer Success Representative
Sarah Dodge Director of Customer Success
Courtney Guertin Founder & CTO
Lekeisha Ivery Data Entry Specialist
Jeneen Kimenker Customer Success Representative
Faina Korboukh Engineer
Ryan Lessard Director of Growth
Ashley Lomeli Administrative Assisstant
Neil Lunagaria Director of Sales
Elizabeth Mann Customer Success Representative
Mike McCarthy Engineer
Scott Micinski Account Executive
Henry Nguyen Engineer
Maria Perez Office Manager
Jill Pittman HR/Payroll Manager
David Reid Founder & CEO
Rhett Rhenken Business Development
Ashley Tipton Business Development Manager
J Savage Uphoff Engineer
Andre Vieyra Account Executive
Emily Wong Customer Success Manager
Orlando (Randy) Yabes, Jr. Account Executive

  • Broker/Agent
  • Employer/HR Manager
  • Employee
  • General Agent
  • Third Party Administrator
  • PEO
  • Carrier